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  • Celeste Layne

    Celeste Layne

    Software Engineer. Trinidad-born. Queens-grown. NYC forever.

  • Daren Garshelis

    Daren Garshelis

    Advisor to nonprofits. Activist for equity & justice. Antiracist. Feminist. Environmentalist. Views expressed are my own.

  • Nancy Friedman

    Nancy Friedman

    Name and tagline developer. @VisualThesaurus and @StrongLang contributor. @DolphinClubSF swimmer and kayaker. Naming advice: http://clarity.fm/nancy

  • United Worldwide Web

    United Worldwide Web

    Our opinion: #Twitter(TM) for example is a mirror of our civil society. With all the pros and cons of our daily life... Based on facts ☮

  • Bob Sherron

    Bob Sherron

    I make websites for fun and profit at @hlkagency. Also writing a newsletter for fun and no profit at @periodicallyco.

  • Ernie Hsiung

    Ernie Hsiung

    CTO of WhereBy.Us, Code For Miami co-founder, web developer, 2015 Code For America Fellow alum, early 2000s funny-sad blogger.

  • Patrick Johnson

    Patrick Johnson

    East Coast transplant living in San Francisco. Married with two dogs & a bengal cat named Fred.

  • Tyler Dylan Brown

    Tyler Dylan Brown

    I'm Tyler Dylan Brown http://t.co/nmALybU0VK #bitcoin #veterans #airedales #startups #ranger #entrepreneur #sf #crypto #marketing http://t.co/Da3XPcv2Ai

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